About Amatus


Sustainability is core to our business and our ambition as we grow. We are by no means the finished article, but we’re learning and we want to be part of a better beauty industry.

Skin Routine for acne and pigmentation

“I wanted an uncomplicated brand, something that offered a simple solution when it came to investing into your skincare routine, simple and effective products. This meant I could reduce the number of sources and suppliers, that’s why Amatus only offers the two core ranges...

...It’s also why we developed products that get the same results as a multi-product routine and do so using less quantity but higher quality ingredients. Less ingredients means less production and less waste, reducing our carbon footprint. I’m still learning how to constantly improve the business on that front, but it’s something of incredible importance to me.”

– Amy Zapantis

Sustainable Skincare

What We're Doing

The beauty industry has work to do and its something Amatus wants to tackle head on. As well as our products being sold in 100% recyclable packaging, it is also how ingredients are sourced and chosen that allow a more sustainable approach to our skincare routines. We work with our suppliers to support sustainable sourcing and cruelty-free production, providing you with more environmentally friendly products which have not been tested on animals.

You can read more detail in our Sustainability Statement here.