Simple and effective: the ingredients which work for you.

Simple and effective: the ingredients which work for you.

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When you can’t find out what’s in the skincare products you’re using and the purpose of each, what do you do? Our Founder, Amy Zapantis, was in exactly this position and was inundated by choice and the extensive range of products being marketed for a daily routine. It wasn’t a question of not looking hard enough – Amy is a trained beautician after all. And it made her think, surely she couldn’t be the only person concerned about this and overwhelmed as she was - so she decided to create her own product! It is not what everyone would do, but Amy is as passionate about good skincare as they come. And with Amatus, she has devoted her professional life to it.

Amatus has four founding principles: 

  1. Simple skincare and 3 step routine
  2. Every product would come with an ingredients list to explain exactly what is in it and what that ingredient does.
  3. There would be as few ingredients as needed to effectively care for your skin.
  4. Ingredients would be chosen on quality, not on price.

Amy immersed herself in considerable research, looking at ingredients and their properties. Once she’d decided which products she wanted to make, the purpose of each and what she wanted the ingredients to be, she needed to find someone to make them.

This was more challenging than she imagined. As a complete unknown wanting to take on huge global brands, she experienced more scepticism than enthusiasm but eventually found a great partner to team up with who had the same commitment to high quality and effective skincare in simplified bespoke formulas. 

The team in the lab working with Amy and Amatus formulas have 30 years experience in the field, having worked with medical brands, chains of clinic and even medical device companies. It’s safe to say that the team are extremely experienced in the science behind skincare. 

Its reputation, and that of Amatus, depends on the integrity and effectiveness of the products. It has four chemists working solely in R&D, two chemists and one chemical engineer in manufacturing and two chemists in quality control. The team have 30 years experience in formulation and Amy works closely with them to ensure all products are of high standard and her vision is executed in all aspects. 

It took Amy and the team 18 months to formulate the products but the results are worth it! We emphasise using high quality and result driven ingredients and describing them so you can understand what they are. Some of our carefully chosen ingredients are:

Arbutin: Works well for those concerned about hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and skin sun damage. It makes the skin clean and bright and has the ability to naturally brighten it. Visibly reduces signs of premature aging, acne marks and further photo-damage.

Arbutin is a key ingredient in our Complex Moisturiser and our Super Serum.

Salicylic Acid: A key ingredient to prevent and reduce acne. It also helps to minimise enlarged pores and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It visibly reduces redness, calms stressed skin and reduce excess oil in the pores.

Salicylic Acid is one of the primary ingredients in our Complex Cleanser.

Peptides:  Peptide (Acetyl Octapeptide-3) An anti-aging agent. It reduces the depth of facial wrinkles caused by the contraction of facial expression muscles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes.

Peptide (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8) An anti-aging agent. It tightens and repairs lines and wrinkles. It corrects colour and tone unevenness while instantly brightening the skin. It reduces the appearance of pores.

Peptides are active ingredients in our Super Serum. 

Ceramide: An exceptional pure ceramide containing a stereochemical structure identical to those found in the human skin. Reinforces natural lipid barrier of dry skin and prevents aging. It allows your skin to retain the moisture balance of the skin surface. It supports the renewal of skin natural protective layer.

Ceramide is one of the ingredients which makes our Complex Moisturiser so effective.

Diatomaceous Earth: Detoxifies the skin and fights free radicals, treats acne and bacteria. It boosts the health of the skin (collagen) and firms the skin. Also adds a very minimal physical peeling element.

Diatomaceous Earth is a key ingredient in our Complex Moisturiser.

We’ve worked very hard to create effective skincare products and to make every step in using the Amatus range a pleasure. Doing this while staying true to our principles is challenging but Amy saw an issue and wanted to make a change. No-one said it would be easy!