The 3 most important words at Amatus: quality, quality and quality

The 3 most important words at Amatus: quality, quality and quality

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We know you have to be able to trust the products you use in your skincare routine and quality is one of the core principles that guides everything we do at Amatus. High quality products will unquestionably help the health and appearance of your skin but quality also means a product that demonstrates a brand’s commitment to your safety, environmental sustainability and innovation.

Quality is part of the Amatus DNA. Whether this is our sustainable sourcing and supplier management policies to our products, their packaging, how they’re delivered, how our website looks and works or our commitment to dealing openly and honestly with everyone we come into contact with. 

Of course, the products must demonstrate quality in every possible way. When Amatus founder Amy Zapantis formulated the current product range, she was determined to include only what is effective and necessary, reducing the number of ingredients in each product but meaning that every ingredient had to be the best it can be.

Soon after she started, she became skin obsessed! It was just under 12 months of research and formulation!

Not only did this mean finding the best possible solutions, it also meant that we had to be positive that our products are free from anything harmful or likely to irritate your skin or trigger allergies. This led to working very closely with a team of chemists to realise her vision, and although it made the process longer and more challenging than it might have been, it has resulted in a range of genuinely high quality products that we are incredibly proud of.

Our focus on quality runs through everything we do, not only the products. We have also thought about the experience you have using an Amatus product. Our packaging, including the boxes and product containers, is not only good to look at and handle, it is the minimum needed to keep the products secure and in good condition in transit and everything is recyclable.

We have glass bottles with simple pumps for our cleansers and glass pots with screw top lids for our moisturisers. The Super Serum comes in a glass bottle with a squeezable dropper for application. The actual products are formulated to be easy to use and handle, crafted to be easily absorbed by your skin and in that sweet spot where they are not too runny or too stiff. They look and feel great, making your skincare routine a genuine pleasure. When you invest in quality skincare products, you’re not just using something nourishing on your skin but we hope you’re improving your wellbeing and self-confidence.

But don’t just take our word for it! We get so much great feedback from people who’ve used Amatus products, here’s just one example from UK Beauty Blogger, Wiesje Weeber:

“I love the Amatus products so much, the cleanser Is great for everyday use. Gentle but effective, leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth. I love using the serum and moisturiser together. Oh, and obviously I need to mention something about the packaging, so aesthetically pleasing!”

When you use an Amatus product, you’re benefiting from all this hard work and you can be confident it will be effective and safe to use over and over again. You can trust our products because we provide a full ingredients list with every one explaining not only what the ingredient is but what it does. And because of our quality focus, you could find that not only are you using fewer products in your skincare routine but actually using less of the product itself. You won’t find every skincare brand giving this kind of advice but we can because we are so confident of the quality the Amatus brand stands for!