At Amatus, we don't compromise on quality!

At Amatus, we don't compromise on quality!

In our first blog focusing on quality, which you can re-read here, we mainly talked about our products and how important it is that you can trust anything Amatus produces. Our stripped back approach means our products only contain what is absolutely necessary and our ranges only include what you need for an effective skincare routine. We love the fact we ‘strip back’ because ultimately this means we rely on the quality of every ingredient. Quite simply – it has to be good.

But quality is woven through every strand of the Amatus DNA, extending beyond our products. We are well aware (painfully sometimes!) that we are a new brand in a highly competitive sector and it is absolutely vital that we stand out. Our founder, Amy, created Amatus because she wanted a simple skincare routine and simple choice when it came to choosing the right product. She couldn’t easily find out the ingredients, or their purpose, in the skincare products she was using. This made her question what they were actually made from and what, for example, made each moisturiser different. This was what ultimately planted the seeds of the Amatus philosophy. From there, the business idea grew and at its heart, simplicity, quality and transparency would help make Amatus different.

It took 18 months to formulate the products….starting with Amy’s base concepts and then working closely with the chemist to finalise each bespoke formula. Then they needed making and testing. Part of our commitment to quality is making sure we lessen the environmental impact of what we do. Reducing the number of ingredients certainly helps but so does working with brilliant suppliers that improve the sustainable sourcing of our ingredients. This is not the cheapest way of making skincare products but a principle is a principle! Quality comes first.

Quality is not just the ingredients either.  To us, it also means transparency and honesty. We provide a list of ingredients with every product and while we don’t yet use recycled materials in our packaging (more on that later), everything we produce can be recycled. We don’t talk about ‘natural’ or ‘eco-friendly’ because these terms don’t have any agreed meaning and have been used to give an aura of sustainability to products which don’t deserve them. We have a sustainability statement you can read here, but we also want to be clear – we know we’re not perfect. But we’re working hard and we have made a number of commitments for 2023 and beyond.

Quality means committing to continuous improvement. If we find new ingredients which are more effective than the ones we’re currently using or mean we can reduce the ones we use even further, then we’ll use them. If we can source packaging which reduces our carbon footprint while providing the same level of protection and performance as what we use now, we’ll change over. If we can find ways of making our customer experience better, we’ll improve it.

We want people to talk to us about what we’re doing well and not so well! Feedback helps us grow and its often been said that you can learn more from a negative comment than a positive one. Our success will be built on what you think.

Committing to quality in a highly competitive world is challenging, the bar is always rising, but if you are going to trust the products you use on your skin, you need to know that we’ve done the hard work and will keep doing it. We want people to feel good using our products every day and we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure you can!

We want you to enjoy every aspect of the Amatus experience, from following our Instagram, ordering products on our website, the packaging we send our products in, the experience of unpacking them, their boxes and the actual bottles and jars you’ll be using every day. Our goal is to make every step a pleasure and we want to know if you think there are ways we can improve! Email us at if there’s anything you think we should know.